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The 'Employee Information Center' and contactouremployees.com was developed and maintained by 'New Orleans Website Services, LLC'. Our company was founded in 1996. Although we are a 'regionally' based organization, we have an international clientele. Because the founder of our company had the foresight to locate our entire 'server network' at a data center that is located in the midwest, none of our clients websites nor e-mail service suffered any downtime during the course of the cataclysmic events that followed both Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Providing that your organization has 'MUTUAL' access to a 'COMMON' email server system that is COMPLETELY reliable, both your organization and employees can communicate with each other in a timely manner provided Internet access is available whereever your Human Resource Director or employees might evacuate to.

A lesson that our organization learned from the 2005 hurricane season is that both landline and cellphone communication services may not be a reliable way for employees and their employers to communicate with each other in a timely manner.

For a minimum of 30-60 days after Hurricane Katrina, it was virtually impossible to make an outgoing landline phone call from New Orleans area code 504. Incoming call connections to area code 504 were not much better. Cell phone service was also extremely unreliable.

U.S.mail delivery may also become unreliable in the event of either a natural or man made disaster. Mail delivery to a limited number of neighborhoods in New Orleans did not resume until 6 weeks after Hurricane Katrina. As of April 1st, 2006, a full seven months after Hurricane Katrina, mail routed into New Orleans is taking anywhere from one to 5 weeks to be delivered.

Tens of thousands of businesses, plus government agencies between New Orleans and the entire Mississippi Gulfcoast had no reliable means to contact their employees and vice versa for 30-60 days after Hurricane Katrina. The same problem occurred in S.West Louisiana for a minimum 2-3 week period due to Hurricane Rita.

The lack of timely communication between both employer and employees caused countless businesses to 'lose track' and then 'really lose' countless former loyal and competent employees. Many businesses along the entire Gulf Coast have not reopened because they lost and could not replace their workforce due to unforseen communication problems.

In the event that your organization is impacted by an emergency that causes your employees to evacuate their home area, your organization should provide an alternative and reliable mechanism for your employees and your organization to communicate with each other. In the event of an emergency, your employees can visit a 'web page link' provided by our 'Employee Information Center' and obtain the most current information available regarding the status of your organization. All your employees need to do is 'register' and provide your organization with their most current contact information. Your organization will also be able to send e-mail notices to all of your employees on a batch basis.

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